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One Item Moving

Need help with moving a couch or another piece of furniture? Our team is here to assist! With extensive experience in providing labor-only services for individuals moving.

Moving a Couch
No Job is too Big or too Small!

There's no single item move too small or too large for our team to manage. Whether it's relocating belongings from a storage unit or a spacious family home, or just moving it around the house we approach each task with equal professionalism and effectiveness.

Our Pricing is Competitive

Our pricing for moving one or a few items is clear-cut and transparent. Just provide us with the essential details – such as item descriptions, preferred date, time, and location – and our movers will handle the rest. The cost for moving a single item is based on the time required to complete the job and the distance traveled.

One Item Movers Service Area

We provide one item moves in the following cities, and their surrounding suburbs:


  • Burnsville One Item Movers

  • Apple Valley One Item Movers

  • Eagan One Item Movers

  • Prior Lake One Item Movers

  • Chaska One Item Movers

  • Bloomington One Item Movers

  • Richfield One Item Movers

  • Minneapolis One Item Movers

  • Saint Paul One Item Movers and  more....


We Move all Kinds of Items
in the Twin Cities Metro

Moving a single item is often prompted by various reasons, yet it remains challenging specially when no one is there to help you. Regardless of the circumstances, it's crucial to find experienced movers that are insured for the smooth handling of your item.


Our charges:

  • Travel fee applies based on distance 

  • Two movers per hour  - Please Call

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Don’t see your location? Give us a call at 612-221-2050 to see how we can accommodate you!

  • How do I book a move with Pleasant Moving?
    Booking a move with Pleasant Moving is simple! You can either use our online quote form to get an estimate, fill out our Items inventory form for a more accurate assessment, or call our customer care center directly at 612-221-2050 to speak with one of our representatives. Your assigned move coordinator will guide you through the process and help you select the appropriate moving services.
  • What’s involved in an in-home estimate?
    During an in-home estimate, one of our experienced professionals will visit your residence to assess the size and weight of your belongings. They'll discuss details such as move dates, packing services, and any specific requirements you may have. Afterward, you'll receive a customized written estimate outlining the cost and scope of your move.
  • When will the movers arrive?
    The timing of your move will be arranged in coordination with your assigned moving coordinator. We offer three arrival time slots: in the morning (8 am–9 am), in the afternoon (12pm-1 pm), and in the evening ( 3pm–4 pm). Rest assured, you'll receive a call 30 minutes before our movers arrive at your location. If an early morning arrival time is required, this can be coordinated with your assigned moving coordinator.
  • How is drive time calculated?
    At Pleasant Moving, we only bill for drive time when your items are on the truck. Drive time starts when our movers arrive at your origin location and ends when they complete unloading at the destination. Long distance drive times are calculated when the movers leave our shop and return back to it.
  • What’s the minimum number of hours for movers?
    We do have a minimum charge of 2 hours for all our services, regardless of the duration of the actual job. Any time exceeding the initial 2-hour minimum is billed in 15-minute increments. Importantly, you will only be charged for the exact amount of time used beyond the initial 2-hour threshold, ensuring fair and transparent pricing.
  • Am I protected against loss or damage during transit?
    Yes, we offer valuation coverage options to protect your belongings during transit. Our valuation coverage options vary in cost and coverage level, so be sure to discuss the best option for your needs with your moving coordinator.
  • How many boxes will I need?
    We recommend having more boxes than you think you'll need to ensure a smooth packing process. It is always good to order about 20 percent more of packing material in case you need them. Use our handy chart to estimate the number of boxes required based on the square footage of your home.
  • When should I schedule movers?
    It's best to reach out to us as soon as you know your moving date, especially during peak seasons. We recommend scheduling local moves at least 1-2 weeks in advance and long-distance moves 4-6 weeks ahead to ensure availability.
  • How is the estimate calculated?
    Our moving consultants use proprietary software to calculate estimates based on factors such as weight, distance, and number of items. You'll receive a comprehensive and customized Move Plan tailored to your needs and budget.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payments via cash, debit or credit cards for your convenience. In some cases we have taken Venmo, PayPal and CashApp.
  • When will my move be charged?
    For local moves, payment is due upon completion of the job. However, we require a $100 deposit upfront to secure the time slot for you.
  • How is the cost of your service determined?
    At Pleasant Moving, we prioritize fair pricing, ensuring you only pay for the time you use. Unlike many other companies, we commence billing when our movers arrive at your location and conclude it once they've placed the last item in its designated spot. We don't charge for travel time to and from our headquarters, offering you transparent and equitable service.
  • Are there any additional charges for your services?
    No, we do not impose any additional fees beyond the initially agreed-upon price. Your quoted price remains constant throughout the duration of the move, barring any changes in services requested during the process.
  • Is there a minimum duration for hiring your services?
    Yes, we do have a minimum requirement of 2 hours for all jobs.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You have the flexibility to cancel your booking free of charge up to 48 hours before your scheduled moving time. However, cancellations made within 48 hours of your moving appointment will incur a charge equivalent to 1 hour of the moving cost, as this helps offset schedule disruptions.
  • Do you offer packing and unpacking services?
    Absolutely, we provide comprehensive packing and unpacking services regardless of the quantity of items you need to move. Our team will handle everything from packing delicate items to organizing and unpacking them at your new location.
  • Will you provide the necessary moving equipment?
    Yes, we come equipped with all the essential moving equipment to ensure a smooth and secure relocation process. This includes blankets and stretch wraps for furniture protection, dollies for efficient loading onto our trucks, and other specialized tools as needed.
  • Can you provide temporary storage for my belongings?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer temporary storage solutions for possessions. However, we can certainly recommend reputable storage facilities that specialize in this service. Feel free to ask for our recommendations, and we'll be happy to assist you.
  • What is the current booking lead time for your company?
    During the summer months, our booking lead time is typically around one month. In all other seasons, we're usually booked 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • What happens if I need to change my moving date?
    We understand that plans can change, and we strive to accommodate our customers' needs. If you need to change your moving date, we will do our best to accommodate you, provided that the new date is available. There are no extra charges for changing your moving date.
  • How long does the moving process typically take?
    The duration of the moving process can vary based on several factors, including weather conditions, distance, the volume of items, and the type of service requested. While some moves may only take a couple of hours, others could extend over several days. We will provide you with an estimated timeframe to help you plan your activities around the moving days.
  • How will the movers know which items to relocate and which to leave behind?
    Prior to your move, we will provide you with an inventory list containing common appliances and items. You can indicate on this list which items you want to relocate. Additionally, upon our arrival at your location, we encourage you to give us a brief walkthrough, highlighting which items are to be moved. This ensures that our movers have a clear understanding of your relocation needs.
  • Can I schedule my move during weekends or holidays?
    Yes, we offer moving services seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. However, availability may vary, so we recommend scheduling your move in advance to secure your preferred date and time.
  • How can I schedule a move with Pleasant Moving?
    Booking with us is easy and convenient! You have multiple options available: you can fill out our free quote form on our homepage and expect a response within 24 hours, schedule an in-home quote, reach out via email, or simply give us a call at (612) 221-2050. Choose the method that suits your preferences best, and we'll take care of the rest!
  • How should I prepare for moving day?
    To prepare for moving day, ensure all boxes are labeled, especially those containing fragile items. Complete packing prior to the moving day. Disconnect all appliances and electronics, and pack their cords and remotes together. Remove loose items from furniture and strip beds of linen.
  • What if I haven't finished packing by my scheduled moving day?
    If you find yourself unable to finish packing by your scheduled moving day, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation. We offer two options: you can hire our movers to assist with packing, or we can reschedule your move date. Additional charges may apply for packing services, but there will be no extra charge for rescheduling the move date.
  • Should I assist movers with moving tasks?
    For your safety, it's recommended that you refrain from assisting movers with moving tasks. Our movers are trained professionals, and we prioritize your safety. However, we appreciate it if you stay nearby in case we have any questions or need clarification.
  • Do I need to be present at the site during the move?
    Your presence during the move is entirely optional and based on your preference. While you are welcome to stay and oversee the moving process, it's not mandatory. Feel free to choose the option that makes you most comfortable.
  • What items should I keep with me during the move?
    It's advisable to keep valuables and important items with you during the move, including jewelry, cash, prescription medicine, keys, and essential documents. This ensures their safety and easy access throughout the moving process.
  • What items are prohibited from being transported on your moving truck?
    While we can accommodate most items in our moving trucks using proper tools and equipment, there are certain items we cannot transport. These include flammables, acids, corrosives, gas or propane bottles, motor oils or fuel, and other hazardous materials. Additionally, we advise against transporting houseplants in our trucks due to their fragility and susceptibility to temperature and stress.
  • Should I empty the drawers of bedroom furniture such as dressers, nightstands, and chests of drawers?
    Yes, it's recommended to empty the drawers of bedroom furniture, particularly the top two drawers. While clothes can remain inside as they pose no risk of damage, items that can roll within the drawers should be removed to prevent damage during transit.
  • Do you offer disassembly and reassembly services for beds?
    Yes, we provide assembly services for oversized furniture such as beds, tables, desks and dressers. This service includes disassembly for transportation and reassembly upon arrival at the destination.
  • How do you ensure the protection of my furniture during the move?
    We take measures to protect your furniture by covering it with protective blankets and stretch wraps for securing. Additionally, we strap the furniture securely to the truck to prevent movement during relocation.
  • Do you employ third-party laborers for moving services?
    No, we exclusively employ individuals who are part of our company and uphold our standards of service excellence.
  • How do you handle multiple families' belongings in one truck?
    We do not mix belongings from different moves in one truck, ensuring that each family's belongings reach their respective destinations without any mix-ups.
  • How do you handle fragile or valuable items during the move?
    We take extra precautions when handling fragile or valuable items. Our team is trained to use specialized packing materials and techniques to ensure the safe transport of delicate items. Additionally, we offer valuation coverage options to provide additional protection for your belongings during the move.
  • What is your policy on gratuity for the moving team?
    While gratuity is not mandatory, it is greatly appreciated by our moving team for their hard work and dedication. If you feel inclined to show your appreciation, you can provide a tip directly to the movers at the end of the job.
  • What happens if my belongings are damaged during the move?
    In the unlikely event that your belongings are damaged during the move, please notify us as soon as possible. We will work with you to resolve the issue promptly and fairly. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and provide a positive moving experience.
  • What Does Senior Moving Service Entail?
    Senior moving service caters to the relocation needs of elderly individuals, providing assistance with organizing and moving tasks.
  • Are There Special Discounts Available for Seniors?
    We do not offer specific senior discounts as our pricing is already designed to accommodate various budgets. Our competitive rates ensure high-quality service without straining your finances.
  • Do You Have Expertise in Senior Relocation?
    Absolutely. With years of experience, we've successfully assisted numerous seniors with their moves. Our familiarity with the process allows us to address all the needs of our senior clients comprehensively.
  • Can I Arrange for Workers Solely to Load or Unload a Moving Truck?
    Certainly, you can hire our professional and comprehensive services specifically for loading and unloading a truck to expedite your moving process. Our skilled movers utilize efficient methods, techniques, and equipment to load the truck swiftly and without damage.
  • Is Loading Typically Faster Than Unloading?
    These tasks involve distinct processes. Loading a truck typically requires more time as it entails extensive planning and preparation.
  • How Should I Prepare for Loading/Unloading Services?
    Ensure all items are fully packed before the scheduled moving day. Utilize appropriate boxes and packing materials to safeguard fragile items. Opt for labeling the sides of boxes for easy identification, and use smaller boxes for heavier items to facilitate lifting. Group boxes of similar sizes together to streamline the loading process, and securely tape boxes to prevent them from coming apart.
  • Is It Necessary to Pack My Items Before Movers Arrive for Loading into the Truck/Storage Pod?
    Yes, it's advisable. If you lack the time or packing supplies, our team can handle the packing process for you, provided you also utilize our packing service.
  • What Safety Measures Should I Follow During Loading and Unloading?
    Ensure all boxes are securely sealed with tape, and avoid lifting excessively heavy items without assistance. Employ proper equipment such as dollies for easier transport, and ensure items are securely fastened to the dolly to prevent sliding and potential damage.
  • What constitutes a "specialty item"?
    Specialty items typically encompass larger sized furniture, antiques, appliances, machinery, and other sizable or weighty possessions that may necessitate specialized handling during transit.
  • Do you have the capability to transport exceptionally heavy items such as pianos or safes?
    Certainly. Our team boasts expertise in relocating a diverse array of heavy items, including pianos, safes, and other substantial belongings. We employ specialized equipment and methods to ensure a secure and seamless relocation.
  • Is there a need for me to make special preparations for moving specialty items?
    While our team is adept at handling heavy items with care, it's advisable to clear pathways, remove any fragile or valuable items, and provide specific instructions beforehand.
  • Can you facilitate the transportation of specialty items over long distances?
    Absolutely. We are equipped to transport your large items over extended distances. Our team is prepared to tackle any challenges encountered while moving heavy items, regardless of the distance involved.
  • Are there any restrictions on items you cannot transport?
    While we can accommodate a wide range of specialty items, there are limitations on hazardous materials and certain items due to legal and safety considerations. Please feel free to reach out to us for clarification, and we'll furnish you with a list of prohibited items.
  • What safety protocols do you implement when handling heavy specialty items?
    We adhere to proper lifting techniques, utilize appropriate equipment to secure items, and conduct thorough assessments of both the current and destination locations to minimize the risk of injuries and damages.
  • Can you navigate heavy items through stairs or confined spaces?
    Yes, our team is extensively trained in maneuvering heavy items through staircases and navigating tight spaces. We employ specialized equipment and techniques to ensure a safe and efficient relocation, even in challenging environments.
  • Are there any additional fees associated with the transportation of extremely heavy items?
    Depending on the weight and complexity of the item, there may be additional charges. We provide transparent pricing and will furnish you with a detailed moving quote upfront, outlining any supplementary costs related to the transport of particularly heavy or oversized items.
  • What is the difference between local and long-distance moves?
    A local move typically involves relocating within the same city or area, usually within a 50-mile radius, while a long-distance move spans over greater distances, often between different cities or states, covering over 400 miles.
  • What is the estimated delivery time for long-distance moves?
    The delivery time for long-distance moves varies depending on factors such as distance, route, and the moving company's schedule. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for belongings to arrive at the new destination.
  • How many movers should I hire for a long-distance move?
    The number of movers needed for a long-distance move depends on the size and complexity of the relocation. For smaller moves, 2-3 movers may suffice, while larger moves may require additional manpower for efficient and timely completion.
  • Are there any items that cannot be transported during a long-distance move?
    Yes, certain items are prohibited from being transported during long-distance moves due to safety or regulatory reasons. These may include hazardous materials, flammable substances, perishable items, and live plants.
  • How far in advance should I schedule my long-distance move?
    We recommend booking your long-distance move at least 8-12 weeks in advance to secure your preferred moving date and allow ample time for planning and preparation. This ensures a smoother and more organized relocation process for both parties involved.
  • How are long-distance moves priced?
    Long-distance moves are typically priced based on several factors, including the distance traveled, the volume of belongings, the number of movers and trucks required, as well as any additional services such as packing or storage. It's advisable to request a detailed estimate from the moving company to understand the total cost involved.
  • What is a travel fee and why are you charging it?
    If your move extends beyond our complimentary service zone, we implement a one-time travel fee, encompassing expenses such as fuel, truck usage, and compensation of our movers during periods of transit (either going out to you before the move starts or traveling back to our facility once the move has ended). Typically, our service zone extends approximately 20 to 25 miles from our base location, with trip fees calculated based on average drive time and mileage.
  • How Does Your Moving Team Safeguard My Home?
    We ensure your home remains clean and damage-free by employing commercial-grade floor runners and high-quality blankets.
  • Are There Additional Charges for Handling Fragile Items?
    No, there are no extra charges for moving fragile items. We take special care to pack them with ample padding for protection.
  • When Should I Schedule My Move?
    It's best to schedule your move as soon as you have your move-out and move-in dates confirmed.
  • Who Can Benefit from Your Services?
    Our services are ideal for anyone relocating within a 50-mile radius, including areas within Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, and the surrounding counties.
  • How Long Does a Local Move Typically Take?
    The duration of a local move varies based on individual circumstances. It can range from a few hours to few days depending on your specific needs. During the estimate process our experienced team will explain the likely duration of your move.
  • Which Areas Do You Serve in the Twin Cities?
    We proudly serve Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Dakota County, Scott County, and Washington County, Carver County, and Anoka County. Contact us to confirm coverage for your location.
  • What Sets Apart Local and Long-Distance Moves?
    A local move occurs within a 50-mile radius, while long-distance moves cover distances exceeding 400 miles, often crossing state lines.
  • How Can I Choose the Best Local Moving Company?
    Look for licensed and certified movers with positive reviews and ratings. Ensure their services align with your budget and needs to make the best choice for your move.
  • How Should I Prepare for Moving Day if I live in an Apartment/Condo?
    Coordinate with the management the move, reserve the necessary elevators, reserve parking spots in the building and the street through the city you live in. Inform the movers of truck parking arrangements, ready your apartment or condo for moving, ensure clear pathways, and plan for the care of children and pets, if applicable.
  • What Can I Do to Make Moving My Apartment Items More Efficient?
    Streamline the process by packing lesser-used items in advance of the moving day and label each box to facilitate organized placement.
  • Will the Movers Handle Furniture Disassembly?
    Absolutely! Our skilled team will expertly disassemble and reassemble your furniture to ensure smooth and secure transportation.
  • Do You Offer Packing Services?
    Certainly! Our trained crew is equipped to securely and efficiently pack your belongings, utilizing high-quality materials and tools.
  • Can You Transport live Items such as Pets and Plants?
    For insurance and safety purposes, we are unable to transport pets and plants.
  • What's the Best Way to Move Furniture to Another Apartment?
    For a smooth and injury-free experience, it's advisable to enlist the services of professional movers like Pleasant Moving Company from Lakeville, MN.
  • How Much Does Professional Packing Service Cost?
    The cost of professional packing service varies based on factors such as the size of the house or room being packed, the number of items, duration of the job, distance, and additional services required.
  • How Will Your Movers Protect My House From Damage?
    To safeguard your home during the moving process, our team utilizes top-grade floor runners and high-quality blankets to prevent dirt and potential damage.
  • What Supplies Do I Need For Packing?
    Essential packing supplies include packing boxes, markers, packing tape, packing paper, box cutter, stretch plastic wrap, bubble wrap, furniture pads, and soft paper tissues.
  • Are My Items And Belongings Shared in Truck With Other Customer’s Inventory?
    No, your belongings are transported separately to ensure the integrity of your items and to prevent any delays or risks associated with shared transportation.
  • Are There Items You Can’t Move?
    Certain items, such as combustible liquids, corrosive liquids, flammables, and perishable or frozen food items, cannot be transported in moving trucks due to safety regulations.
  • Do You Disassemble And Reassemble The Furniture?
    Yes, our team is equipped to disassemble and reassemble furniture as needed during the moving process for your convenience.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Pack A House For Moving?
    The cost of packing a house for moving is determined by factors like the size of the house, items to be moved, and distance traveled. For a precise cost estimate, please fill out our inventory checklist.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Pack An Apartment For Moving?
    The cost of packing an apartment for moving depends on various factors such as apartment size, number of items, distance, and specific requirements. To obtain an estimated cost, please complete our inventory checklist.
  • What Is The Hardest Room To Pack?
    The kitchen is often considered the most challenging room to pack due to the abundance of dishes, utensils, appliances, and food items that require careful packing and preparation.
  • Can I Leave Stuff In Drawers When Moving?
    It is not recommended to leave items in drawers during a move as they can shift and cause damage to the furniture's interior during transportation.
  • How do I schedule the pickup and delivery of my belongings to and from the storage unit?
    To schedule the pickup and delivery of your belongings to and from the storage unit, simply contact our team to arrange a convenient date and time for the move.
  • Do you provide packing and unpacking services specifically for items being moved into or out of storage?
    Absolutely, we offer professional packing and unpacking services tailored specifically for items being moved into or out of storage. Our skilled team will ensure your belongings are carefully packed and unpacked with the utmost care.
  • Are there any size or weight limitations for items that can be moved into or out of the storage unit?
    There are no specific size or weight limitations for items that can be moved into or out of the storage unit. Whether you have small boxes or large furniture pieces, we can accommodate your needs.
  • What measures do you take to ensure the safety and security of items during transportation to and from the storage unit?
    We prioritize the safety and security of your belongings during transportation to and from the storage unit. Our team takes every precaution to ensure your items are securely loaded, transported, and unloaded, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.
  • Can you put together IKEA furniture?
    Absolutely. We specialize in assembling furniture from various manufacturers, including IKEA.
  • Do you offer trampoline assembly services?
    Yes, we do. Our team is experienced in assembling trampolines of all shapes and sizes, ensuring they are safely set up in your backyard.
  • What should I do if a piece is missing from my newly purchased furniture?
    First, check the packaging to confirm if all parts are included. If a piece is indeed missing, contact the manufacturer or the store to arrange for a replacement before scheduling assembly with us. This ensures our movers can proceed with assembly promptly, without any delays.
  • How much does it cost to assemble two pieces of furniture?
    The cost depends on the complexity of the assembly and the estimated time required to complete the task. Feel free to reach out to us directly or fill out our survey for a more precise estimate.
  • What other items can you assemble besides furniture?
    In addition to furniture, we offer assembly services for trampolines, game tables, pool tables, and patio furniture.
  • Can I hire movers to transport just one piece of furniture?
    Yes, you can employ moving services for single-item transportation. However, it's recommended to specify the item to be moved beforehand.
  • How is the cost determined for moving a single item?
    Pricing varies among professional moving companies, influenced by factors such as the item's size, distance, additional services, and other considerations. For an accurate estimate, please complete our inventory list.
  • Should I disassemble my item before the move?
    Disassembly is optional. Our team arrives equipped with tools and expertise to handle disassembly and reassembly tasks as needed.
  • What items are excluded from moving services?
    Flammable substances, propane, chemicals, live plants, and any items deemed unsafe for transportation cannot be moved by our services.

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